Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How much does a manicure cost?

My boyfriend just proposed to me with a beautiful diamond ring, and I wanted to go ahead and get a manicure before I go around showing if off later on this weekend. I ussually do my nails at home, so they look good...but I wanted to do something special. About how much do they cost? I'm not talking fancy-smancy stores here...just the usual nail salon. And are there any extras that they charge extra for - like, polish or anything like that?How much does a manicure cost?
Just 5USD here.How much does a manicure cost?
It's usually cheaper mon-wednesday. 15-30 bucks and you should bring your own polish. More sanitary. They usually charge extra for designs on all of your nails. For non acrylic tips, a manicure is usually about 8 bucks.
Hi... well I guess for a cheap one is like $12 and a really nice one at a spa is like $30
on average, 15-20 bucks... if you're actually getting nails it would be 20 and up. no they don't charge for polish, but it's extra for like french manicure which is the white tips but they're so elegant and they go with everything... girl you got a ring, so i would splurge 25 bucks on some nice nails to show that rock off... by the way congrats!!!
depends on where u live around here its 30 dollars and nail polish is included i would make an appointment so u dont have to wait and to make sure that u can get in
First off i would recommend that you check with your hair salon and see if they offer manicure service...they are usually cheaper and cleaner/safer...i would not recommend goin to just any nail salon because you can get nail fungus from them if the equipment is not properly your best bet would be a professional salon...the one where you get your hair cut probably does manicures too they are usually no more than 20 bucks....if ur hair stylist doesnt offer this there is most defintely one close that does
for a cute, nice %26amp; simple french manicure (white tips), starts at $22.00 ...Oh wow congratulations! That's beautiful... that you're engaged now, I wish you two the best of luck!

in india manicure costs 150 rupees.

better take appointment before you go.
I pay $35 for mine. Just go to local beauticians and pick up their brochures. And you almost always have to call ahead of time. Unless they don't get a lot of people in, then you can just walk in.

Oh, and congratualtions! xoxo
It ranges from $10-30 in many cities. Polish is included. The only thing I've ever seen them charge extra for is a paraffin dip, which can cost another $10 or so. They dip your hands in special melted wax then usually put mittens on them for 10 minutes or so. It makes the hands really soft.

It's good to call in advance to inquire both about prices and about a particular appointment time.
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