Friday, May 14, 2010

How much does french manicure cost?

I want to get nails of my hands as well as feet done. not fancy but simple french manicure. how much would that cost?How much does french manicure cost?
It is depended on where you live and how populated are nail salons in certain areas. If you live in an area with more population of nail salons, you likely to get a french manicure about $10-$15 this is with a manicure too..(since you say french MANICURE) with french no manicure it's about $6-$8. Now, if you are in a smaller, less populated area a french manicure would cost $15-$20. French (without Manicure) is $5-$8.


Most french tips painted or airbrushed on are an extra charge... $3 to $5...MANICURE $12 to $15.

Hope that helped you any...How much does french manicure cost?
It really depends on where you live and what manicurist you go to. Be careful where you go though.. make sure they are cleaning the pedicure bowls %26amp; instruments are disinfected. You could catch all kinds of nasty things if you go to a business that is not reputable.

My sis charges $30 for a pedicure and $15 for a manicure

I think most places charge an extra $3 to $5 for french manicures.
Most nail places that I have gone to charge $10 for a manicure and about $20 for a pedicure, give or take a few dollars. But if you want a french tip they usually charge a few dollars more. Its not terribly expensive.

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